Become a Very Wealthy Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it, wedding photography is one of the most challenging industries to get involved in not to mention one of the most competitive. My first words of advice to you will be — “why would anyone want to enter wedding photography”? There are way too many things that can go wrong and you simply cannot re-shoot the day without redoing the whole event. But I have good news for you because the two solutions are using green screen with chroma key technology to eliminate the errors and learning digital photography. Here’s what I mean…

Now take note, If you decide you are one of the chosen few who are destined to make a fortune in wedding photography, here are a few pointers that will help you to become a wealthy photographer.

1. Learn digital photography

Here’s the thing, this may sound simple but if you are not an accomplished photographer then it’s vital you become skilled at digital wedding photos.

Should you be an accomplished film photographer you need to learn all you can about digital photography.

Example: know the limits and benefits of shooting with a digital system and what can easily be improved or salvaged in the darkroom of digital photos.

2. Understand the basics of wedding photography

The two areas one will choose to go at this point will either be self taught or to work for a successful wedding photographer.

To be self taught the best things you can do are to start by purchasing wedding magazines and books on wedding photography and study them like mad. Understand the different types of shots people like and the scenes they favour. There are so many wonderful ideas that come from wedding magazines so take them all.

Here’s a sneaky trick you can use, go to a wedding photographer and ask to see their work and look at their studio.

The second option is a more challenging one where you would offer your services to a wedding photographer as their assistant. This is where you’ll learn many methods that you won’t read about in books or glossy wedding magazines.

3. Organize yourself

You will need to put in groundwork for a wedding shoot than any other area of photography. When you’re doing the shoot you ought to know every scene, lighting condition, location and sequence of the shots to get the best results.

4. Get started right in order to make a fortune by being different

Heres the kicker, by using a simple system called green screen and chroma key technology you are going to do something very different to other wedding photographers. You are going to be able to create photographs of your couple in any location in the world, make it look like they were really there, spend much less time taking the photos and get paid a lot more than most photographers. This will definitely set you apart from your competition.

Now, listen closely because once you set up a simple green screen and use the software on your computer you won’t have to invest in expensive back drops that cost you an arm and a leg. When you use green screen technology you’re not spending hours taking photos in parks, looking at locations or getting caught out on rainy or over cast weather. All that pain is gone plus you are offering something very different to most of your competition.

Now here’s something, by utilizing such locations as backdrops that green screen offers the bride will feel a stronger connection with the photos you create for her and her husband.

The moment you’ve taken the photos of the newly weds, ask the groom if he would mind if you take some more photos of the bride by herself.

Take photos of her from the front with her holding her bouquet and of her profile.

Here’s what to do now:

Once you’re back at your studio you can add things like an ancient castle as a back drop which leads to a mystic waterfall in the distance or a beautiful sunset over the waters of Hawaii. 

The big secret is to make sure you use good quality software to darken or lighten areas in the photos so they look real. By adding a shadow or darkening the person can add realism to the photo which makes it look like they were truly there. Doing this will make the couple to always remember you for the green screen photography skills you possess which is a major step to becoming a wealthy photographer.