Crash Diets – How To Ruin Your Wedding Photos

If you’re getting ready for that special day – the wedding of your dreams – then you’re probably looking to shape up and look your best for the camera, for the guests and ultimately for your loving partner, right?

Well that’s great, but here’s a warning… don’t rush into a crash diet too quickly.

Crash diets are popular, but they can be dangerous to your health. Popular because they can produce quick results for those desperate to lose weight. But at what cost, you could ask.

Sometimes it can be tempting to cave into those fad diets that promise rapid weight loss. The Cabbage Soup Diet and the Lemonade diet are two examples of crash diets that promise to help you lose weight fast.

Realistically, how long do you really think you can sustain yourself on soup or lemonade–not long. In fact, you will gain most, if not more, of your weight back trying to satisfy the hunger that will result with these and any crash diet.

The Cabbage Soup diet promotes rapid weight loss with all you can stand of cabbage soup. That’s sounds yummy, right? You are not alone if you answered no.

Even though quick weight loss is inevitable following this type of crash diet, what is also inevitable is the weight gain that will soon follow as soon as you decide to eat real food. Moreover, this type of diet is damaging to your health because it doesn’t offer other nutrients that your body may need.

The Lemonade diet or the Master Cleanse as it’s also called reemerged when celebrities raved about their success of losing 20 pounds or more in 10 days. This diet is no more than a fasting plan disguised as something else. Solid foods are off-limits for 10 whole days. Not only is this diet not healthy, it is sure to make you light-headed and starving in the process. Yuck.

The key to losing weight quickly and safely – and keeping it off – is by carrying out two things:

1. Sustainable – and fun – activities

2. An eating plan that is tasty and filling

You don’t have to become a gym rat, or eat rabbit food and flax seeds to lose weight. In fact, you can actually eat pizza and chocolate on a weekly basis and still lose lbs… even without getting off the sofa. The trick is knowing which foods aid weight loss and eating them at the right intervals.

If you can find a fun activity to get your heart rate up, even better. But the truth is that you can seriously melt fat and get into a new dress size without lifting a finger. All you need is a simple meal plan that contains foods which increase your metabolism, packed full of protein to make you feel fuller for longer, and basically a plan that gives you the freedom to binge once in a while.