Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception – How To Select Photos for a Stylish Slideshow

You may be looking for entertainment for your reception, to keep your guests occupied while they are waiting. A slideshow, particularly in the latest popular animated forms, can provide real benefits at a variety of wedding venues. Today’s lively video slideshows, complete with music, can be a way to set a warm and memorable tone for your reception.

Many people find that the hardest part of preparing a slideshow is determining which photos to select. There are several strategies for selecting photos that can make your video entertaining, elegant, and meaningful for you and your guests at your wedding reception.

  1. Decide on a Theme. Then you can select photos that support your theme in some way. Photos depicting interests or activities which you and your fiance enjoy are a popular theme for weddings. A day at the beach, holiday pictures, special moments, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee together at your favorite cafe, are all popular visuals.
  2. Select a Wide Variety of Photos. Using a variety of photos will add interest and bring life to the show. About 80 to 90 photos is a good quantity to keep your guests engaged without being too long. You can also vary the dimension of the photos, by selecting a combination of close-up, mid-range, and distance shots.
  3. People Are Important! If your theme is about people, be sure to select photos that have people in them. Close-ups can portray emotion, and distance shots can show action. Your audience might lose interest if you have too many photos without people.
  4. Share Pictures From Your Friends. Ask your family and friends to send a few favorite family photos from social events or vacations they shared with you. You might be surprised to find some great photos you will want to add to your video.
  5. Randomize Your Pictures. Putting photos in an unpredictable order or sequence can make a slideshow more appealing. It can be painstaking to put all the photos into the proper timeline. While this approach is sometimes advantageous, it often is not. Instead, the photos can simply be mixed up at random. The photos themselves tell a story. The music will help tie the images together. If you keep the first and last photo in mind for your slideshow, you can then randomize the rest. The first photo can set the tone for your video. The last photo is the note on which your video story ends.
  6. Don’t Fixate Too Much on Which Photos to Select. Each photo you select is not that critical for a successful show. Even images you aren’t sure about are bound to look engaging as part of a whole show. So go ahead, in a relaxed state of mind, and pick the photos you like.

Now that you have several ideas to keep in mind when selecting photos for your wedding reception video, you can get started. Then, after your honeymoon, you can take a look at your wedding photos and put them into a wedding slideshow. This is a lovely way you can share favorite memories with your family and friends.