Reportage Wedding Photography

When searching for a for a wedding photographer you may have likely come across the term reportage, or photojournalism. It is a real buzz word in the wedding photography community right now, but what does it mean?

Reportage photography is where a photographer will try to photograph their subject without them being aware of them. In wedding photography this creates a very natural and real shot, one that will accurately depict the atmosphere and characters on your special day. The reportage style is often genuine and unobtrusive.

Adopting this style will give your clients a complete record of their day, from start to finish. It is often a favoured choice for the bride and groom as they are not over ordered around by a photographer.

The contemporary approach is to spend time capturing natural images, rather than creating unnatural images and looking for candid pictures to get real wedding photos that happen during their day, leaving them time to enjoy it.

Be dedicated to documenting events as they unfold, with a relaxed and natural approach, unobtrusively capturing the details of the wedding day with sensitivity, intuition and experience; blending in seamlessly with the guests. Of course every wedding wouldn’t be complete without the occasional, formal shot. But I often find from talking to my clients that the formal shots are for the benefit of the extended family; it’s the natural shots that will carry real meaning for the bride and groom, and for years to come.

When shooting reportage photography, I favor the Canon 24-70mm L Series lens. It is simply an excellent lens! At 70mm you can capture stunning portraits and all the macro details, wind the lens to 24mm and you can achieve a great subtle wide-angle look. The wide angle is superb for capturing large groups of people, building interiors and exteriors. It has a brilliant ability to replicate vivid colors, and work in low lights indoors. Perfect for reportage photography.

Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

They say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and one could not agree more when it comes to photographs. Helping you savour the simple moments promising real happiness, photographs are your chance of reliving the memorable times again and again.

When wedding photography is in question, it cannot be anything but brilliant. What makes wedding photos all the more important is the fact that while your wedding ceremony will last just a day, it is the photos that will mark the beginning of a new journey and help you experience the joy of your big day for years to come.

A common mistake is going for the first photographer you come across. Hiring a professional photographer for your ceremony is something that you just cannot afford to ignore. Keeping your options open, you should check a photographer’s previous work before deciding on one.

Once you have made a well-informed decision about a professional photographer, it is vital that you ask him some questions. If you think asking too many questions in order to address all your concerns will annoy your photographer, know that it will only show that you are involved and will help both the parties go smoothly about the process of wedding photography.

In order to make sure that your wedding photos turn out great, consider asking your photographer the following questions:

What is going to be your style of photography?

If you think all wedding photography is the same, you are in for a big surprise. There are basically three types of wedding photography- portraitures, photojournalism and soft focus. In soft focus, the wedding photos inspire a divine look as they are out of focus. Photojournalism is when the photographer follows the bride and groom, capturing the special moments as they occur naturally. Portraitures, on the other hand, are posed photographs.

Will you be using black and white, colour or both?

While some of you may love the way colours stand out in photographs, other may just want to have them in black and white as they help convey emotion. You can ask your photographer to use both if desired.

Are you going to use film or digital camera?

The truth is that films render better results but digital wedding photography has its own advantages, the most important being price. With digital, the photographer can have endless clicks while with film, every click costs.

Will you accept portrait lists?

Make sure that your photographer accepts lists with names of all your family members so that no one is left behind.

Are your charges inclusive of photo editing?

Photo editing, now-a-days play a major role in the way your wedding photos turn out. A photographer with commendable photo editing skills can work wonders for you.

How many weddings have you shot?

While some may find it insignificant, knowing how many weddings your photographer has covered will give you a fairly accurate idea of his quality and work experience.

How many weddings do you have to cover except mine on that day?

You need to ask this in order to make sure that your photographer is not in a rush and has ample time to click as many wedding photos as you want.

What type of equipment are you going to use?

This helps you get an idea about how much equipment he will be arriving with. Moreover, if you have booked a small hall for limited guests, it will help him make necessary arrangements too.

How many rolls will you shoot?

Usually the choice rests with the couple but you can also ask your photographer to know how many photos will be enough.

What is included in your charges?

Ask if printing charges are included or not and the type of paper that will be used. If substandard printing paper will be used, it will lose its beauty in your lifetime and hence, all your effort and money will be wasted.

Holding utmost importance as a wedding idea, it is important that you do everything to make your wedding photos a telltale of the joy and happiness you will experience on your big day.

Photo Wedding Cards

When you are invited to a wedding, it is sort of a tradition to bring presents for the newly weds. After the daunting task of selecting the right gift for the couple, you now face another not-so-easy job of choosing a wedding card.

There are many types of wedding photos out there, such as the standard cards, musical wedding deck, and wedding photos, so narrowing down your options might be not that easy. Let me help you with that dilemma by describing some of the most common wedding cards available today.

Probably the most familiar type among all is the standard wedding card. This type of card is made of paper that is of great quality. It is available in rectangular shapes and often folded in the middle. In the front cover, you will often find a picture of some sort that is in line with the motif. When you open it, a short message is printed inside. A blank space is provided where you can write a personalized message for the couple. After that, you can put it back inside the envelop that comes with the whole standard wedding card package.

If you are a techie, you might want to check out those electronic wedding decks. They are available online. There are many websites that offer this type of service. They have a wide selection of flash-based and animated cards that you can send via email, text message or blogs.

A musical wedding deck is another type that many people like to use. It has a built-in music that plays every time you open the card. Mellow and romantic tunes are often used to create it.

Photo wedding cards, on the other hand, have become more popular over the years because of their customization properties. You can insert any photo you want in front of the card. It works like a picture frame. Some cards are designed wherein you can add additional artwork and put your personal touch to them.

With all of these choices presented to you, I hope you can select the best one that rightfully suits your budget, the couple’s personalities, the wedding motif and theme. The receiver will truly appreciate the thought and effort you spent to come up with it.