Photography Ideas – Tips For Taking Wedding Photos

Brides always look forward to their wedding day. They are usually the ones who plan and choose the decorations, motif, and other important aspects for the ceremony and the reception. Grooms often take a step back and let their future wives make the decisions to make this memorable event a success.

When planning a wedding, the first thing that a bride might think about is the theme to use. I, personally, have seen different types of weddings from all over the world on television and magazines. Some went for a Hawaiian wedding, some for a Chinese wedding, while some for an Indian wedding. Photos and videos of them are available online, so you might want to check them out to help you make up your mind.

After choosing a wedding theme, you could now move on to the other essential things that you need to accomplish before your big day. You could start by shopping around for your wedding dress. White is the most common color worn by brides worldwide, but if you prefer something non-traditional, feel free to do so. It is your special day after all.

Another thing to take note of is the number of guests to invite. This is vital so that you could have a rough estimate of how much you are going to spend on the food, caterers, and venue. You would also know how many invitations you are going to need once you have this data.

Getting the services of a professional photographer is also a requirement. Who would not want their Chinese or Indian wedding photos taken by someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in this field? Your wedding day would probably be the highlight of your life as a person, so make sure that you have every moment clearly and beautifully captured on photo and video.

Wedding day is a celebration that is supposed to be happy and fun, spent with your loved ones, close friends and family members. Try not to look too worried or tensed. Loosen up and be cool. Enjoy it and treasure it for the rest of your lives.

Professional Wedding Photos

Hiring a professional to take your wedding photos is what a lot of brides and grooms want on their big day. They know how wonderful it would be to look at professional wedding photos, ten or twenty years later, because of the great quality of the images taken.

However, professional photographers do not cost cheap. Since they are well-trained and knowledgeable in this field, they often ask for a fee that is a bit higher that what you have set in the budget. So, what are you going to do?

Photography has become a hobby of a lot of people over the years. As long as you have a camera, you can point and shoot at anything, anytime and anywhere you want to. Now, if you know somebody who does this, you might want to try if he or she knows enough about the craft to become your official wedding photographer.

Ask your potential wedding photographer for samples of his or her photos so that you can assess if he or she really knows what he or she is doing. Try to read up on the basics of photography and understand the appropriate factors and settings when taking pictures in several different occasions and situations.

You could also talk to your friends or colleagues if they know a decent photographer who does not cost too much. Many amateurs would probably take your wedding as an opportunity to enhance their skills and a project that they can add to their portfolios.

The internet is also home to a lot of young and budding photographers. You could visit their websites and look at the photos that they have uploaded on their respective blogs or sites. There is always a “contact us” page on these sites, so you would not have trouble getting in touch with any of them.

You need not spend a fortune just to have professional wedding photos on your wedding day. The venue, gowns, food and decorations already take up more than half of your budget. Be resourceful and practical because the most important thing about the event really is you and your loved one enjoying every second of it.

DIY Wedding Photo Books Online – A Bride to Bride Guide

As a DIY bride who made my own invitations, table numbers, and even centerpieces, I know firsthand how hard it is to come up with a realistic budget and then stick to it. One of the most important of these budget decisions involves selecting the right photographer and the best photography package to suit your needs. Every bride knows that after the whirlwind day is over, what remains is your photos and memories of your big day.

Discuss with your photographer the option to obtain the high resolution digital files of your photographs so that you can make your own wedding photo book. Additionally, many photographers include an e-session or engagement photo session prior to the big day, to give you a chance to get more comfortable interacting with your photographer and to get more comfortable being in front of the camera. My fiance (now hubby) and I showcased these e-session photos in a custom photo guest book for our wedding guests to sign. You don’t have to be a designer to make a beautiful album. It was very easy to do using the free design software provided by the photo book company, and an easy drag-and-drop interface. The guest book was a big hit and our guests filled it with personalized messages. A standard guest book will probably get put at the back of your closet, while a photo wedding guest book will be fun to look through even years down the line.

As for options for your wedding album, there are many. You can get a high-quality one for as little as $30 for a 20-page 8.5 x 11″ hardcover book, all the way to $250.00 to $450.00 or more for a premium leather bound flush mount photo album. More affordably priced photo books make great gifts for parents albums or for the bridal party, while the bride and groom will likely opt for a premium style.

Two main types of photo books tend to appeal to the “newly wed”:

1) The lay flat photo book, and

2) The flush mount leather album.

The lay flat photo book is bound in a special way that allows its pages to lie flat. The pages stay open without having to hold them down, which gives it a premium look. This format also typically allows you to stretch a single image across both pages of the spread, providing a sweeping panoramic visual effect that showcases your best photos. Lay flat books are also available printed on thick, genuine photo paper – which also adds to the quality.

The flush mount album is a type of photo book that lies flat. Flush mounts are printed on real photo paper and mounted on a hard board type backing which makes the pages feel extra thick. They are generally bound in a leather case and are pricier than regular lay flat photo books, but you do get what you pay for. Due to the thickness of the pages, they generally come in limited page counts of about 20 to 30 pages.

Until recently, these options were only available to pros, but now many companies are offering these options directly to brides and grooms. If you’re a little intimidated, don’t be! Many companies offer free books to try their service so you can do a trial run with your vacation photos or family photos for instance, before trying to make your own wedding album.