Wedding Photo Editing – Some Photoshop Ideas to Make Your Wedding Pictures Glamorous

Weddings are indeed one of the happiest moments a person can have in his or her life. Of course, walking down the aisle with the man you love is just one happy moment, with all the friends and families gathered together to celebrate and for sure, you would want your pictures to be of best quality to make the event much lovelier to remember.

However, it is a fact that we don’t have the control of what our wedding pictures may come out in the end. You probably want some background eliminated, or you want to enhance the colors of your pictures or you want the color of your bouquet pop up in the photo like it is real, you can always find for a wedding photo editing. What is nicer is that, you can actually do it at home.

One of the most popular programs to help you glamour up your photos is Adobe Photoshop, and you can actually learn it at home. If you really want to save more cost in hiring a Photoshop expert, you can easily learn photo editing at home. Here are some ideas that you might want to do with your wedding photos and make them glamorous.

– Stick to simple editing. When it comes to wedding photo editing, the simpler it is, the better. You don’t have to change the background to a more sophisticated one that guests won’t recognize. It is also wise to stick with the background but you can blur it a little if you really don’t like the background messing up your wedding kiss. You may also want to airbrush some distractions at the back but always stick to simple editing that will enhance the pictures and not make it something like a ad poster.

– In wedding photo editing, the most common styles and effects that add glamour and beauty to your photos are turning your pictures into black and white or sepia which adds drama to your photos and fixing the focus of your photos. If you had a picture that is focused on the background rather than the subject, you can make use of the Gaussian blur menu on Photoshop and blur the background a little more to make the subject pop up in the picture.

You may also add a little dreamy effect on the subject to make the photo more elegant, but remember not to overdo the blurring, as it may not also come out nice.

– The vignette is also another effect that can be done in wedding photo editing. It is helpful in drawing the attention of the viewer to the subject by lightening the edges of the photo – which is a good effect if you want to get the viewer’s attention to the newlyweds in a wedding photo.

You can also turn a photo into black and white and retain a portion colored. A reception table adorned with beautiful centerpieces and floral arrangement, for example, can be turned into as black and white retaining the centerpieces colored to make its color pop out of the picture.

Indeed, there are many possibilities to make your wedding photos glamorous and you can do it by yourself also. Of course, by learning how to make use of some simple tools in Adobe Photoshop.